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An Idea I had last Night

2010-06-29 11:35:41 by KronXIII

Last night (3AM) I had an idea about my synth sound. I wanted something ethereal.
This is it: picture yourself at night, staring at the moon, with your cig, your glass of wine.
What else man?

Actually and surprisingly, the inspiration to this is Fatboy Slim's "Right here, Right Now", don't ask me why, but this is what i've come up with, thinking of it.
Also, if anyone wants any of the tracks i've already posted, PM me I'd be more than happy to send them! :)
?audio=c17d7b9f6b5e398f07de16729ba551b f

Title: Midnight Walk
Artist: Zadkiel/The Silent

There is NO copyright and NO royalty on this work, however, please tell me if you use it, I like to keep track of my work :)

Questions, comments, critiscism, hatemail? Write A review! I'll try to answer them all :)

A new project.

2010-06-28 07:06:31 by KronXIII

This is just a sketch of what i have in my head.
Enjoy and review! :)
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...One month later...

2010-05-08 14:35:06 by KronXIII

SDo, my computer's dead. All my files erased (sounds like paradise lost to me ;) ) so all my music is gone. No I didn't back anything up. Go on, have fun on me.
Well, with this one i'm going to start anew, all take it back from zero, using a new program, new interface.

Oh and by the way, check this browser game out, by using this link you help me a lot. Thank you.

<a> r/BenXIII<a>

The Project series & New ideas

2010-03-09 02:42:02 by KronXIII

Ya Hoy!!

just to give you an update on the Project series, I've almost completed the second track, and still got some issues with mastering the Project I, so i'll keep you posted asap. Should get there next week or so i think.

In the meantime I've had a few ideas about some new material that won't come in the Project progression, so stick around, I'll start working on the building of the tracks this week end.

And of course regular demoes of where my heads at and all that and just plain random sh*t will follow.

It is now 08:42AM and i should be working. (should...)